Success Stories

I Can Concentrate and Study Again

I was on the waiting list for a total hysterectomy, five years after giving birth to my son. My doctor said it would solve my very heavy periods, bad PMT, depression, exhaustion and mood swings.

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A Diagnosis at Last

Well, it all started around the age of 15. I would sleep excessively and everyone thought I was just being a normal teenager. I did have other symptoms such as weight gain but they were not bad at this point, although they were noticeable.

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My Hypothyroid Diary

I’d been feeling very tired, run down and to be frank, a bit old. When I went to visit my Godmother, my reaction to cold and my energy levels troubled her. She told me to go and have my thyroid tested.

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From Misery to Hope

I had been quite well on 150mcg Levothyroxine, working and leading a normal life with only some pain in arms and legs. Then relocation and a new doctor changed everything.

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The Scottish Parliament Petition

Lorraine Cleaver talks about the petition calling on the Scottish Parliament to take action to ensure GPs and endocrinologists are able to accurately diagnose thyroid and adrenal disorders and provide the most appropriate treatment.

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A Long Battle

I am a 43 year old single mother to one ‘grown up boy’ who is 17 years old. Like many others, I am not sure how long I have been hypothyroid. However if I look back on my life I can pin-point it way back and perhaps in my teen years.

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Going Private

I first went to the GP after 2 years and 6 months of suffering from extreme fatigue, menstrual irregularities, etc. My TSH at my first GP visit was 3, which I was told was normal.

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My Hashimoto's Story

At the age of 43, and after a year of suffering chronic UTI’s, stomach pain and digestive issues, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, lymphocytic colitis. I started a gluten-free diet which helped initially but this was short-lived.


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