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London Private Ultrasound Clinic

We are extremely pleased to let you know that we are now working with the London Private Ultrasound Clinic in London.

In many European countries, an ultrasound is part and parcel of the diagnostic process for thyroid disease.

However, in the UK most of the time only the TSH test is done to diagnose thyroid disease although in some areas, the FT4 test is done.

Thyroid antibody testing is sometimes undertaken once but after that, it is considered unnecessary.

However, some people have Hashimoto’s but the thyroid function tests are not out of range and therefore no treatment is offered.

An ultrasound test will show whether you have any anomalies such as:

  • Nodules, cysts or tumours within the thyroid gland
  • Cause of inflammation or enlargement of the thyroid gland (possible Hashimoto’s)
  • Detection and differentiation between benign and malignant masses of the neck and thyroid gland

Thyroid UK believes that having a thyroid ultrasound scan will be able to show if there is any severe deterioration of the gland which, in turn, may encourage doctors to start treatment especially if you are subclinical.

London Private Ultrasound has kindly agreed to give a 10% discount to Thyroid UK members if they use the link  when ordering a thyroid ultrasound scan and you will be sent to a page where a 10% discount has already been deducted.

They have also very kindly agreed to give Thyroid UK a donation of 5% of the cost of each and every thyroid ultrasound scan if you use this code when purchasing.

For more information about thyroid ultrasound scans you can read our article here:

For more information about the thyroid and neck ultrasound scan and booking with London Private Ultrasound go to:

Thyroid UK receives a donation for every test purchased from these testing companies which supports us in our vital work to help people with thyroid disease and related disorders.

Before ordering private thyroid tests in the UK, read about getting a diagnosis and thyroid function tests to see which might be relevant for you. If you can’t get the tests done by your clinician, then consider ordering from our partner private testing companies.

Be aware that biotin can affect FT4 levels if you take more than 20mg a day. You should stop taking biotin at least two days before taking the test. Click here for more information.

Thyroid UK staff are not qualified to interpret the test results for you. This may be done by your NHS doctor or a private doctor or practitioner. Thyroid UK has a list of Private Doctors & Practitioners who may be able to help you. You can also request a consultation from a BANT-registered nutritional therapist or join our online community to discuss your test results with other members.

For more support check out our online community:

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