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The MediPAL ID card is designed for anyone who takes medications and/or has a medical history. It is a hardwearing waterproof plastic card displaying clearly an emergency contact, medication details and medical history, which can be kept in a wallet or purse or held in a clear plastic wallet on a lanyard.

Thyroid UK members would benefit from carrying a MediPAL card, in case of an emergency, where details need to be found quickly, especially if they are taking medications that are not listed in their NHS medical records. No need for unsightly bracelets or jewellery – all medical details are clearly displayed on the card. MediPAL cards can also be translated into most foreign languages.

Medipal work extensively with a number of organisations and charities and feel that this would be an opportunity for Thyroid UK members to have peace of mind.

The MediPAL® card shows:

  • A distinctive Green Cross
  • Name
  • DOB
  • Emergency contact details
  • Current Medication
  • Medical history (including allergies)
  • Blood group
  • GP Details

To purchase a MediPAL card go to:

MediPAL sell various packages

Once you have placed your order into the cart, you will need to complete an application form with your details.

If you have any queries about these products, you can contact MediPAL – Tel: 07815 395147 or email:

If you state that you heard about them via Thyroid UK, you will be supporting us as they will make a donation for every package purchased.


Date updated: 26.09.23 (V2.0)
Review date: 26.09.24

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