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Charitable Bookings

The lifestyle app is a unique free to use app that raises funds for charities at no cost to you.

It has lots of great features including restaurant bookings, hotel bookings, recipes, restaurant deals and secret restaurant tips.

It’s so easy to raise funds for Thyroid UK. Simply download the app and every time you want to book a restaurant or go away just check the app first to see if the restaurant or hotel is listed. is the FREE lifestyle membership that offers fantastic benefits and services including hotel bookings, restaurant directory with secret booking tips, lifestyle magazine, over 1,000 premier chef Signature Dish recipes, a loyalty program and their free game of Swipe offering users the opportunity to WIN luxury experiences and money for their favourite charity for free!

Enjoy up to 95% of hotel rooms cheaper on than other major online hotel booking platforms from a selection of over 600,000 hotels in 20,000 cities worldwide. Their latest price comparison with, and Expedia has shown that 97.6% of their prices are cheaper.

In addition, 30% of the net commission received from all your hotel bookings is gifted to your Charity/Loyalty Account for you to donate to your favourite cause (Thyroid UK) and is also convertible into lifestyle rewards to spoil yourself! also has secret tips section such as the best restaurant table numbers to ask for and deals at selected restaurants. You even get a chance to win money for Thyroid UK and prizes for yourself by playing their SWIPE game.

Get the app for free via Google Play or via the App Store, register, see what else is available and how to support Thyroid UK.

Alternatively, visit their website, register and start booking:

Once you have registered, you will find a dashboard with lots of filters to help you decide which restaurant or hotel to visit.

Date created: 26.09.23 (V2.0)
Review date: 26.09.24

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