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Recycle your Coins and Bank Notes

You can donate your old unwanted money to raise money for Thyroid UK using Cash4Coins.

Cash4Coins can recycle:

  •  Any currency from any corner of the globe, including notes!
  • All foreign coins and notes including old UK, Irish and pre-Euro European coins as well as all pre-decimal coins
  • Commemorative coins
  • Damaged and garbled (coins returned by High Street Banks and Post Offices) coins
  • Bulk mixed foreign coins

Are there any coins they don’t accept?

No. But some old coins can only be exchanged for a nominal or scrap value – these include some pre-euro European coins.

They can only offer scrap or nominal value on pre-euro coins from the following countries: France, Greece, Netherlands, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Belgium and Cyprus.  They can exchange all Spanish bank notes, but only the most recently-issued Spanish Peseta coins. Earlier coins will be exchanged at scrap value only.

There are several ways to send your money depending on weight:

Less than 5kg

Option One: Download and complete the currency form with your details, selecting Charity Donation, ticking Other box and naming Thyroid UK as your chosen charity.

Package up your currency securely and post to us using a recorded/tracked postal service to: C4C Services, C/O TXL LOGISTICS, Unit 3B, 8 Cowley Road, Nuffield Industrial Estate, Poole, BH17 0UJ

Once received, they count and sort your currency then pay us! It’s that simple.

Options Two: Send them to us at: Thyroid UK, Unit 8 Lufkins Farm, Great Bentley Road, Frating, Colchester, Essex, CO7 7HN and when we have received the money we will include it with the other coins we have  and once we have 5kg or more we will organise for this to be sent off to Cash for Coins.

For coins that weigh from 5kg to 10kg or more they need to be collected by a secure courier.  For more information on how to arrange collection go to: Cash4Coins Contact Us

Don’t have a printer? 

If you do not have access to a printer, you should write the address exactly as shown on the outside of your package, and ensure that your full contact information is contained inside. For obvious security reasons, do not write Cash 4 Coins anywhere on your parcel. Please also write your email address below our address on the front of your package so that they can notify you when they receive it.

If you live local to Cash4Coins then they welcome delivery in person of your sealed package during normal business hours, but we are unable to exchange coins for cash at this location. This address is only for secure receipt and storage of parcels.

How to pack your foreign coins

Find a strong carrier bag that has no holes, and place your coins inside. Secure all the way around with plenty of parcel tape. Now place inside another carrier bag and apply tape all the way around. Place your double-bagged coins in a strong cardboard box, and pack all the way around with scrap paper or any packaging material that stops your coins from moving around in transit. Ensure that your box is secured with lots of tape. You’d be amazed how easily coins can escape once they’re in transit, so don’t be afraid to be extra-thorough.

If you’re using boxes from copier paper, be warned that they’re not usually strong enough to hold more than 12kg each. Please do not exceed the maximum weight of 26kg for any parcel, and as an easy guide, if you can’t easily pick it up, neither can they!

What about insurance?

Cash4Coins understand the importance of insurance for your peace of mind. Any package they collect is automatically covered up to a maximum value of £100 if the currency is lost in transit. This only applies to collections they have arranged, where collection has been confirmed by the courier. They are unable to cover loss due to inadequate packaging, so if in doubt, use more tape!

If you need to insure your parcel for a higher amount, simply get in touch, and they will arrange the right amount of cover.

When they receive your coin collection, it is weighed, counted and photographed in secure conditions.

How much will Thyroid UK get for my coins?

They guarantee to offer the best price in the UK for any coin at any given time, and Thyroid UK will receive at least 78% of the value.

When your coins have been received, they are taken to their counting office for processing, prior to an offer being made. This can take anywhere from 3–28 days depending on the quantity of coin packages they receive at the time.

Prompt payments are made via bank transfer (UK only).  

Please make sure that you download the currency form (Cash4Coins Currency Form) and include in your package naming Thyroid UK as your chosen charity!


Date updated: 20.03.24 V1.0
Review date: 20.03.25

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