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Become a Support Networker

Thyroid UK has a Support Network which consists of a mixture of local support groups, email support and telephone support. Going to a group gives people the opportunity to chat with others in the same position as them. Some of the groups are our own, run by volunteers for Thyroid UK, whilst others are independent groups that choose to be listed with us. The Support Network List is included in our Information Pack and is also available separately on request.

Whether you are planning to be a telephone support networker or forming a group, we can help you. For a group, we can help by:

  • Sending information to help you decide which type of group you want to set up
  • Giving you information on how to advertise their group
  • Sending you various documents including the Information Pack and back issues of our magazine, Harmony to display at group meetings
  • Sending you guidelines so that they are supported in what you should say to members
  • Giving you a discount on membership of Thyroid UK
  • Helping you whenever they need it

Apply to be a Support Networker

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Date updated: 09.05.21 (V2.1)
Review date: 16.01.24