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Join and pay by standing order

If you would like to pay for your Thyroid UK Membership by Standing Order direct from your bank account to ours, here’s what you need to do:

  • Fill in the form and tick the Gift Aid declaration if you are a UK taxpayer.
  • DO NOT post the form to your bank. Instead please post the form to Thyroid UK, 32 Darcy Road, St Osyth, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO16 8QF
  • Wait for your membership pack to arrive (within 7 days of us receiving your first payment). This will be sent by email if you have provided an email address. Otherwise, it will be sent in the post to you.

Email us with queries about your membership

Standing Order FAQs

Why do I need a paper form? Why can’t I just set up a standing order with my bank through online or telephone banking?

If you set it up directly with your bank, Thyroid UK will have no address information from you and will be unable to send you Harmony Magazine. Also, the standing order membership form acts as a Gift Aid Declaration, so if you are a UK taxpayer, we need a copy to be able to claim the tax back.

What will Thyroid UK do with the form?

We will first make an electronic copy for our membership records. We will then cut off the standing order instruction section of the paper form and send it to your bank, who will set up the standing order.

When will my membership begin?

Your Thyroid UK membership will begin once we have received your first payment. You will not receive your membership pack or Harmony magazine until your first payment has reached us.

Can Thyroid UK cancel my standing order?

No, standing orders can only be set up, modified and cancelled by the bank account holder.

What happens if I cancel my standing order?

If we don’t receive payment on the due date, your membership will be terminated.

If I supply an email address on the form, what will you do with it?

We will only use your email address to send your membership pack and to contact you about your membership if necessary.

Date updated: 26/04/21 (V1.2) Review date: 01/01/22