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Bake Day

An easy way to fundraise for Thyroid UK is to hold a Bake Day at work, home or at school.

Simply ask permission to hold the event (if at work or school) and then ask everyone to bring in some cakes (homemade or shop-bought) to sell.  Dairy-free and gluten-free cakes could also be made to cater to everyone’s needs. Once all the cakes are laid out, start selling!  You could even hold a competition for the best looking cupcakes or Victoria sponge cake.

Email us to tell us about your Bake Day, take some photos and send them to us with some info about yourself and we can put them in our member magazine and on our social media.

Send us your money

When you’ve completed your Bake Day, you can send us the donation in the most convenient way, including online, by bank transfer or by post.


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