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Help us raise awareness of thyroid conditions

To raise awareness, we would like you, if you can, to make or buy some cakes or biscuits (these can be low sugar/gluten-free/vegan) and give them to family and friends with a note (in your own words) to say how thyroid disease is affecting you and asking them to visit the Thyroid UK website.

In your note, you can put the web address of any page on our website that is relevant to you or just the home page so that they can look around for themselves to find some relevant facts about thyroid disease.

They will then not only understand what has happened to you (or your family member or friend) but they will also be aware of facts about thyroid disease, and particular symptoms, which will enable them to recognise these in a family member or friend in the future.

People need to be more educated about thyroid disease. So many people with the condition don’t talk about it and it’s important that we do. So many of us have symptoms that have not been resolved with levothyroxine but are not aware that there is an additional medication, liothyronine, that we can try to see if it helps.

We know that for some of you, children will be off school so it’s the perfect activity to keep them amused!

Take pictures of your cakes before you give them away and put them on your social media pages especially Instagram if you can and tag us.

We will be taking pics of cakes made by our new staff member, Heidi, and putting them onto our social media so look out for some wacky photos!

Other ways you can raise awareness is to purchase one of our new T-shirts which are made from 100% polyester and are machine washable.

Alternatively, you could buy one of our Thyroid Awareness Ribbons or a butterfly tattoo. You could then take photos to put on your social media pages and ask your friends and family to share these photos with the hashtag of #thyroidmentalhealth

You can purchase any of these awareness raising items in our online shop or by downloading our order form.

We look forward to seeing your photos!

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