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Thyroid UK does vital work by raising awareness of thyroid disease, by helping people to work through the steps needed to find out if they have thyroid disease, and helping them in their quest to improve their thyroid related health.

Making a donation helps us to continue our work to help people with thyroid disease and related conditions.

It allows us to answer people’s questions and send them the information they need to take the next step in their journey.

We do not receive Government funding of any kind. Our work is funded solely by donations, membership fees, fundraising resources and the sale of our information pack and other publications.

If you found the existence and contents of this website helpful, then please make a donation. You will be contributing towards ensuring that the important work of Thyroid UK can continue.

There are many ways you can donate:

Make A One Off Donation

There are several ways you can make a one off donation. If you are a UK taxpayer, please use the Gift Aid Declaration Form to make your donation worth even more. For every pound that you give to us, we can claim an extra 25p from the Inland Revenue.

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Make A Regular Donation

You can make a regular donation to Thyroid UK which will help us keep running and help towards the cost of the work that we do. Anything you can give will help us to continue providing support for those with thyroid disease and related conditions.

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Leave A Gift In Your Will

If you’re thinking of leaving a gift to Thyroid UK, thank you so much. Leaving a gift to Thyroid UK will allow us to take on more projects to help people with thyroid disease.

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Give In Memory

One way you can celebrate the life of your loved one is to ask family and friends to make a donation at their funeral service. You will not only be supporting Thyroid UK but everyone that comes to us for support.

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Give In Celebration

Many people now realise that asking for donations instead of gifts can really help a charity that has supported them or a friend or family member. It’s also much easier for friends and family who don’t know what to get you and who want to give to charity.

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Payroll Giving

Regular donations are a major source of income for Thyroid UK. It allows us to do our day to day work as well as plan and run various projects that will help people with thyroid disease and related disorders.

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ShareGift is a unique charity which specialises in accepting donations of shares. From these donated shares they generate funds to give to charities, guided by donor suggestion.

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