Lord Hunt secures debate in The House of Lords

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath has secured a Motion to regret – Branded Health Service Medicines (Costs) Regulations 2018 on Wednesday 20th June in the House of Lords at around 7pm.

The actual Motion is:

Lord Hunt of Kings Heath to move that this House regrets that the Branded Health Service Medicines (Costs) Regulations 2018 do not propose any action to be taken in respect of the high cost charged by Concordia and other companies for the drug Liothyronine for the treatment of hypothyroidism thereby depriving patients of the use of that essential drug, and further do not put an end to the practice of a growing number of Clinical Commissioning Groups refusing to follow the latest guidance from NHS England on making that drug available to NHS patients via referral to thyroid specialists (SI 2018/345).

Lyn Mynott will be having a meeting with Lord Hunt prior to the debate and will also be attending the debate. We will keep you informed of what happens.