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Many people think that thyroid disease is a simple disease to deal with but everyone is an individual and for some, it isn’t that simple.

For the majority of people with hypothyroidism, once stabilised, they can go back to how they were before as long as they know how and when to take their medication.

However, there is a group of people that do not have their symptoms resolved on the standard treatment and they face many hurdles before they can feel as well as they did prior to their diagnosis.

People with hyperthyroidism can have a difficult journey too often with a need to decide which treatment would be best for them without much information to help them decide.

Thyroid UK raises awareness of all issues for thyroid patients. You can help us raise awareness by participating in our campaigns and sharing your story.

Thyroid Awareness Campaigns

The Thyroid Awareness Week UK was created by Thyroid UK in 2006. It is held to raise awareness of the problems patients are facing in diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease in the UK.

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Share Your Story

We are collecting stories from people who have become well through taking thyroid medication, and from people who are still suffering symptoms of thyroid disease despite taking thyroid medication.

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