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Medications for Hypothyroidism

Medication for hypothyroidism can be manufactured by one company but distributed by another company, which means the name on the package might not be the same as the PIL information. The information below will state when medication for hypothyroidism is the same product from different companies (e.g. Northstar distribute a Teva 25mcg tablet and Accord own Actavis and Almus). This can be confusing but if you note down the ingredients for the product that suits you, you will always know which generic (non-branded) is best for you.

Some of the Patient Information Leaflets (PIL) have been obtained from the MHRA website.

Feedback on medication for hypothyroidism

Be aware that we have received feedback from people who are finding they have adverse reactions when they are given a different brand of levothyroxine. We are also aware of at least two countries (France and New Zealand) where, as a result of pressure from thyroid patients and support organisations, the prescribing of specific brands has been stopped.

On checking it seems that lactose has been replaced by mannitol in some brands of medication for hypothyroidism and it appears that this may be what is causing the adverse reactions in some people.

If this happens to you, check the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) first to see whether the ingredients in the new brand are different from your previous brand of medication for hypothyroidism. If so, ask your pharmacy to give you your usual brand and see if this helps.

You should always try to be aware of whether you have been given the same brand as usual and always check the PIL as the box may say one company but the PIL may say a different one.

If the new brand causes adverse reactions and it contains mannitol, then please fill out an MHRA (The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) Yellow Card as this informs the MHRA of any adverse effects in medication for hypothyroidism. If they receive a lot about one particular medication, they will investigate.

We have received comments from a couple of people who have used oral medications for hypothyroidism (both branded and compounded) that it didn’t seem to absorb as well as tablets.  If this has happened to you, do let us know.

Read more information about the MHRA Yellow Card Scheme


Get our List of Medications for Hypothyroidism.


Date updated: 13.09.23 (V3.8)
Review date:  15.06.24


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