Thyroid UK Lottery

The Weather Lottery helps charities raise funds by providing all the services to run an exciting lottery. We have chosen their Lightning Lottery as the basis for the Thyroid UK Lottery.

It’s simple to play and the odds of winning are much better than the National Lottery!

  • Just £1 per entry per week, with a possibility of winning up to £25,000!
  • When you join, you’ll be given a unique 6 digit Lucky Number to be entered into the weekly Weather Lottery draw.
  • If you choose more than one entry, you’ll be given a separate Lucky Number for each entry.
  • The Weather Lottery result is based on the last digit of the Fahrenheit temperature from 6 popular European destinations each week.
  • Match three or more numbers in the correct position to win.
  • Three numbers would win you £2, four numbers £20, five numbers £250, and if you choose all six numbers in the correct position, you win £25,000!

Click here to join and have a chance of winning!

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