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Whenever we campaign or fundraise, we are asked, “How many members do you have?” The more members we have the more we will be listened to. Becoming a member of Thyroid UK supports us, brings benefits to you, and shows just how many people have a problem with the way thyroid disease is diagnosed and treated. 

The money raised from your membership fees goes towards the running costs of Thyroid UK and also towards various activities such as meetings and conferences where we network and spread the word.

Without your membership fee, we cannot function.

What does membership include?

Illustration of Harmony magazine

Harmony magazine

Receive four issues of our popular magazine for each year that you subscribe.

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Discounts and offers

Get exclusive discounts on private testing and supplements from our partners.

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Priority access

Be at the front of the queue for our popular conferences and events.

How much does it cost?

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