Do Your Own Fundraising Event


You don’t have to do an organised event to raise funds for Thyroid UK.  You can do your own event such as a sponsored silence, a coffee morning or a Purple Mufti Day.

Send us some photos and we can publish them in our member magazine and on our social media.

Sponsored Silence

A sponsored silence is an excellent way to raise funds for Thyroid UK! All you need to do is to tell all your family and friends, collect pledges and keep quiet for a whole day!

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Mufti Day for Thyroid UK

Why not hold a Mufti Day (also known as dress down day) for Thyroid UK at your workplace? Wear something different to work such as jeans instead of suits or everyone wear the same colour top.

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Bake Day for Thyroid UK

An easy way to fundraise for Thyroid UK is to hold a Bake Day at work, home or at school. Simply ask permission to hold the event (if at work or school) and then ask everyone to bring in some cakes (home made or shop bought) to sell.

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