Become a Member of Thyroid UK

Becoming a member of Thyroid UK supports us and brings benefits to you. We need to show how many people have a problem with the way thyroid disease is diagnosed and treated.

When we try to campaign or fundraise, we are always asked, “How many members do you have?” The more members we have the more we will be listened to.

The money raised from the membership fees goes towards the running costs of Thyroid UK and also towards various activities that we do to try to change things such as meetings and conferences where we can network and spread the word. Without funds, we cannot take on these activities.  Please do support us by joining Thyroid UK

What does annual membership include?

  • A year’s subscription to our quarterly magazine ‘Harmony’
    (click here for a PDF sample of the magazine)
  • 10% discount at Cytoplan Ltd
  • Advance notice of tickets for conferences

How much is membership?

UK Membership:
  • £20 for a full UK membership or
  • £15 for a concessionary membership for UK senior citizens, students and people who are unemployed.
For members living overseas:
  • £25 for Europe
  • £35 for the Rest of the World (ROW)

How do I join?

Please complete and submit the online form according to your preferred payment method:

  • Direct Debit – Please use the Direct Debit membership form
    After submitting the form, you will be presented with the Direct Debit options.
    Please follow the link to your chosen membership amount to complete the Direct Debit sign up form.
  • PayPal – Please use the PayPal membership form
    After submitting the form, you will be able to select a PayPal payment button in the usual way.
  • Personal Cheque (Made payable to Thyroid UK) – Please use the Cheque payment form and pop your cheque in the post to us.
  • Annual Standing Order– Please fill in the Standing Order form and send it in the post to us.

Once you have paid an email confirmation of your application will be sent to the email address you supplied.

If you are a UK Taxpayer you can help us to raise funds by allowing us to claim Gift Aid on your membership fee which is classed as a donation. You will be offered this option on the membership form.

You may also want to add a little extra to your payment by way of a donation.

If you wish to make a donation and you pay by Paypal, you will have an opportunity to donate at the end of the payment process. Be aware that this will be taken separately and will mean that there will be two separate transactions in your Paypal account.

All extra donations are gratefully received and will help us in our work.


Please Note:

Information about your membership will be sent to the email address you supply. Your first copy of Harmony magazine will be posted to you in due course. Depending on where we are in the membership cycle, this may take up to 28 days, so please bear with us!

If you have any queries about your membership, please contact us via our membership contact form.

Thank you for joining Thyroid UK!

Date updated: 14/04/20 (V1.5)
Review date: 12/09/21