COVID-19 Private Tests from Blue Horizon

Thyroid UK does not normally promote other, non-thyroid private tests, but we have decided to do so for Blue Horizon’s COVID-19 testing for these reasons:

  • Thyroid UK is aware that people with thyroid disease are very concerned about catching COVID-19.  We believe that knowing the Covid-19 antibody status in people who regularly interact with thyroid patients (e.g. family members, carers, housekeepers, etc), especially those at higher risk, could help reduce the risk of being exposed to the virus.
  • There is also emerging evidence of an association between COVID-19 and subacute thyroiditis .  Therefore, being able to conduct an antibody test may provide valuable information that the patients could share with their clinician who would then be able to interpret in the context of their history, signs and symptoms.
  • At the moment, the NHS is only allowing people with symptoms to have a COVID-19 Swab test but it’s possible to be asymptomatic , still have the virus and spread it. Being able to conduct a private COVID-19 PCR Swab test will allow you to make choices about whether to self isolate or not, especially if you plan to travel or visit family members.

Before purchasing either of the tests offered, please read the detailed information on the Blue Horizon website. Thyroid UK receives a donation for each test purchased.

COVID-19 PCR Swab Test

This is a universally accepted COVID-19 PCR test.  This test can be taken for business, or travel purposes, or for general screening.  It is guaranteed to give you results by the end of the day after it arrives in the laboratory or your money back.

Read more information abut the PCR Swab Test.

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COVID-19 IgG & IgM Antibody Test

This is a CE marked fingerprick test you can do at home.

Read more information about the Antibody Test.

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Date updated: 17/03/21 (V1.4) Review date: 07/01/23