Smartblood Food Intolerance Tests


Smartblood Food Intolerance Tests


Smartblood Laboratories provide IgG Antibody Test Kits that can help discover food intolerances which may cause or exacerbate symptoms such as IBS, bloating or brain fog.

It is now hard to dispute that there is a link between the gut and thyroid disorders.  For those looking to ensure optimal thyroid function, finding a way to identify and remove IgG reactive foods would have huge potential for significant improvement – both for thyroid and gut health.

There is also increasingly convincing evidence demonstrating that IgG food intolerance can negatively impact thyroid function in many sufferers of Hashimotos’ disease – further details can be found a

Smartblood Laboratories are conducting a study to further investigate the effect of removing IgG reactive foods following a positive food intolerance test upon thyroid related symptoms.  They are very kindly giving Thyroid UK supporters a coupon code for this test which allows £50 off per test. The coupon code is thyroiduk

To be eligible for the study and receive the discount:

  • You must be either hypothyroid or hyperthyroid, with the diagnosis coming from either a GP or endocrinologist. Those that do not have an official diagnosis but suspect they have thyroid disease are also welcome to join the study
  • You must currently experience either fatigue, joint pain, IBS, bloating or brain fog
  • You agree to participate in an anonymised questionnaire that will take no longer than 5 minutes – the questionnaires will be sent 3 weeks after the nutritionist consultation
  • People purchasing the test can be non-medicated, medicated by their GP or endocrinologist or be self-medicating.


There are 2 food intolerance testing pathways that can be taken:


Pathway 1.

Purchase a “1st-step indicator test” which is a first step to finding out if you have any intolerances at a cost of £19.75.  Then, if the indicator test is positive, you can upgrade to a full Smartblood test for an additional £180 for reactions to 134 foods, and a nutritional consultation, which can be conducted on the same sample.


Pathway 2.

Purchasing a full Smartblood test which is a complete program that includes a 30 minute consultation with one of Smartblood’s BANT registered Nutritional Therapists and is a great way to discover all of your food sensitivities and take control over your own personal trigger foods. The full Smartblood test, with the £50 coupon code “thyroiduk, is £199.75. If there are no reactions found, there will be a £180 refund.

To access the discount, simply use the code thyroiduk when purchasing the test.  If you purchase the “1st-step indicator test” make sure you put the code in and it will remember it if you then go on to purchase the full Smartblood test.

For more information about Smartblood go to their website – where there is a lot of useful information to read.

To read Dr Graham Johnson’s Article, “An overview of how IgG antibody levels and Thyroid health could be connected” go to:

You can also find a list of scientific studies about food intolerance at:


Thyroid UK staff are not qualified to interpret the test results for you. This may be done by your NHS doctor or a private doctor or practitioner.   Thyroid UK have a list of Private Doctors & Practitioners who may be able to help you. Click here to request the list.

You could also search for a nutritional therapist on

Alternatively, you can join our online community discuss your test results with other members.


Thyroid UK will receive a donation for each test you order using the code so you will not only be monitoring your thyroid health but you will also be supporting us.


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