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Regenerus Laboratories

Regenerus Laboratories Ltd, Aero14, Redhill Aerodrome, Kings Mill Lane, Redhill RH1 5JY


Thyroid UK works with Regenerus so that people can access private testing.

“We represent over 15 different laboratories, provide more than 200 different tests, and deliver internationally accredited laboratory testing services to the doorstep of health professionals and their patients.”

“Regenerus Laboratories provide simple easy access to world leading laboratories that deliver the broadest range of functional, nutritional, genetic, autoimmune for diagnostic and research testing services, to support health professionals and the general public.”

“It is our mission to seek out world class laboratory testing services from leading international accredited laboratories.”


DIO2 genetic test

Regenerous Laboratories will perform a DIO2 test to check to see if you have a variant DIO2 gene.  To read about this gene variant go here.

Regenerous Laboratories follow the “Common Framework of Principles for Direct-to Consumer Genetic Testing”.  This means that they only provide genetic testing in conjunction with a genetic consultation via a health professional.

If you are not ordering this test via your own clinician, Regenerous Laboratories will provide this through their own external (independent) practitioner and physician network for a small supplemental fee.


How to Order

For more information and to order the DIO2 test click here: DIO2 Gene Test Order Information V3


Adrenal Saliva Test – Labrix Clinical Services Inc

(HOR05 Adrenal Function Saliva Test £83)

This panel provides a comprehensive view of adrenal function and includes 4 cortisol levels timed throughout the day as well as DHEA.

Symptoms that would indicate ordering this panel include:

  •  Fatigue
    •    Nervousness
    •    Weakness
    •    Sugar cravings
    •    Insomnia
    •    Dizzy spells
  •  Headaches
    •    Decreased stamina
    •    Irritability
    •    Fibromyalgia
    •    Anxiety/Depression


How to Order

  • Go to
  • Enter HOR05 into the test search box then add to cart
  • Enter THYRUK into the practitioner referral box then proceed to complete

If you have any queries please telephone 020 3750 0870.

Results will be emailed to you or posted if you do not have an email address.

Click here for a sample test report.

Regenerus do not offer support or interpretations.


Thyroid UK staff are not qualified to interpret the test results for you. This may be done by your NHS doctor or a private doctor or practitioner.   Thyroid UK have a list of Private Doctors & Practitioners who may be able to help you. Click here to request the list. 

You could search for a nutritional therapist on

Alternatively, you can join our online community and discuss your results with other members.


Thyroid UK will receive a donation for each test you order so you will not only be monitoring your thyroid health but you will also be supporting us.


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