There are various tests that can be done to test for different thyroid conditions – blood tests, scans and also a fine needle aspiration to check the composition of lumps and a stimulation test to check that the pituitary is working correctly.

If you can’t get all the relevant testing done by your clinician, then you can consider accessing private testing via Thyroid UK.

Before ordering any private testing, Thyroid UK would suggest that you read through our Getting a Diagnosis document first so see which tests might be relevant for you.

You can find out all about the various tests from this page.

Thyroid Function Tests

The thyroid function test comprises of a panel of blood tests that can be used by doctors to diagnose thyroid problems.  

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Other Thyroid Tests

In some instances, other thyroid tests need to be done such as the DIO2 genetic test if you are not converting your thyroxine properly or a fine needle aspiration test to check on nodules.

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Related Tests

Sometimes your symptoms may not be due to thyroid disease but to something else such as vitamin B12 deficiency or vitaman D deficiency.

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Private Testing Laboratories

If you can’t get all the relevant testing done by your clinician, then you can consider accessing private testing.

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Test Results Sheet

Us this to record any tests you have done so that you can see clearly what is changing after each test you have done.

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Phlebotomy Services

Most of us will need a blood test at some point in our lives.  Unfortunately, not all of us can get to a hospital, GP surgery or chemist easily in order to have those blood tests taken.

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Biotin Deficiency and Thyroid Tests

Biotin is a water-soluble B vitamin (B7). Taking biotin can cause problems for your thyroid test results which may then concern your doctor.

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History of Thyroid Testing

There have been long, sad and unsatisfactory developments in thyroid function testing, including up to the present day.

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Thyroid Antibodies

There are various types of thyroid antibodies and they can tell you whether you have an autoimmune thyroid condition.

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