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Thyroid UK Support

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Thyroid UK Online Community

Connect with thousands of other people with thyroid disease and related conditions

Our Support Network

There is support all over the UK for people with thyroid disease and related conditions

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Private Testing Companies

Information about testing companies, the tests they offer and the discounts available

Phlebotomy Services

Information about phlebotomists if you cannot get to a GP, hospital or chemist

Ultrasound Scanning Companies

Information about companies who carry out ultrasound scanning

List of Pharmacies

Information about particular pharmacies and which prescriptions they accept

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Private GPs & Practitioners' List

Get our list of medical professionals including information about prices and specialisms

The Wren Project

Providing emotional and mental impact support arising from a diagnosis of autoimmune disease


Get your questions on thyroid disease and related conditions answered

Thyroid UK Webinars

Watch our webinars which give information on all sorts of topics