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NHS Information

Senior female woman patient in wheelchair sitting in hospital corridor with nurses and doctor

NHS Constitution

The Constitution sets out the roles we all have to play in protecting and developing the NHS, and establishing the principles and values of the NHS in England.


Your Rights under the NHS

Make sure you know what your rights are and what the NHS pledges to do.

The NHS System

Knowing how the system works will enable you to know exactly who to contact if, for instance, you want to get involved in making sure certain services are available locally or want to find out what has been already decided for your local area.

wo best smart professional smiling doctors workers in white coats holding their hands in pockets and together standing against gray background

Good Medical Practice

The General Medical Council have standards that doctors must uphold once they are registered. These standards are called Good Medical Practice and cover four domains – Knowledge, skills and performance; Safety and quality; Communication, partnership and teamwork and Maintaining trust.

Red stethoscope on blue clipboard with medical record close-up with silver colored pen

Accessing your Medical Records

Under the NHS Constitution you have the right to access your medical records. There are rules on how to access them which you can find here.

doctor explaining diagnosis to her female patient

Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making is an approach where clinicians and patients make decisions together about treatments, management options and support options of an illness.

complaint marked on rubber stamp in hand

How to complain to the NHS

The NHS Constitution sets out several rights and pledges in regard to complaints. You can find out what they are here