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Thyroid Eye Disease

If you’ve been diagnosed with TED and are seeking potential new treatment options, you might be interested in the LIDS clinical trial. The goal of this study is to investigate the effectiveness and safety of an oral study drug called Linsitinib, in adults with active, moderate-to-severe TED.  You may be eligible if you: *Are over 18 years […]

Please Sign This Important Petition!

Recently the CMA levied fines of £84 million to those companies that caused a price hike for liothyronine , causing untold distress for many thyroid patients. Dr Peter Taylor has created a Government Petition requesting that an amount equivalent to a proportion of the fine (1-5%) is made available for thyroid research and support for patients with hypothyroidism. […]

The death of Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield

We have sadly learned of the death of Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield. Dr Peatfield was a trustee of Thyroid UK in the early days and without him, Thyroid UK would not be where we are today. He was a very lovely, kind and generous man who truly cared about his patients and who, in our opinion, […]

Read the 2022 T3 Prescribing Report

We want to ensure that Integrated Care Boards follow the guidance rather than continue to refuse Liothyronine (T3) to patients who need it. Levothyroxine is the standard medication for hypothyroidism but not all patients have their symptoms resolved with this and liothyronine (T3) can, in some patients, make a world of difference to their symptoms. […]

Help us raise awareness of thyroid conditions

To raise awareness, we would like you, if you can, to make or buy some cakes or biscuits (these can be low sugar/gluten-free/vegan) and give them to family and friends with a note (in your own words) to say how thyroid disease is affecting you and asking them to visit the Thyroid UK website. In […]

World Thyroid Day 2022 is on 25th May

This year Thyroid UK wants to spread the word about how thyroid disease can affect your mental health on World Thyroid Day. OUR WORLD THYROID SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. I know personally how it affected my mental health before I was diagnosed and before I went onto liothyronine . Being […]

Get listening support with The Wren Project

We are very pleased to tell you that we are partnering with an amazing organisation called The Wren Project. The Wren Project is a registered UK charity, founded in 2020, that works to support individuals with the emotional and mental impact arising from a diagnosis of autoimmune disease. Most people with thyroid disease have the autoimmune […]

Levothyroxine generics can cause side effects

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) have published new guidance regarding levothyroxine The MHRA have just published new prescribing advice for healthcare professionals who prescribe levothyroxine due to reports of some patients experiencing symptoms on switching between different tablet products. Levothyroxine is usually a generic product i.e. a copy of a previous brand […]

Hashimoto’s Does Run in Families

We want to make sure that people are aware that if one member of the family has thyroid disease, they need to keep a lookout for symptoms in their siblings and their children. In a recent population based study, 22 million individuals were followed up – 12 million families – to see if there were […]

Thyroid UK has won an Award!

We are extremely pleased to tell you that Thyroid UK has won a Social Care award for the Most Dedicated Thyroid Health Support Organisation 2021. This has been awarded by Global Health and Pharma, a global information sharing platform & a multi-disciplinary members community. GHP was stablished to enhance communication networks & collaboration across all […]

2020 Annual Report

It has been a very busy year for us and also very challenging. We’ve responded to many requests for information about COVID-19 from anxious thyroid patients, whilst also maintaining our T3 campaign. This involved lobbying the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee and NICE to finalise their guidance “Thyroid Disease: Assessment and Management”, which was published in […]

T3 Prescribing Survey

Together with our thyroid partners, we ran a survey in November 2019 to look into the prescribing practices of CCGs across England since the NHS England guidance was published – the T3 Prescribing Survey 2019.  Our survey clearly shows that there are still many CCGs withdrawing or not allowing the prescribing of liothyronine even though […]

Our #T3Campaign

We are working hard to ensure that patients can access the thyroid medication they need such as liothyronine, hence our #T3Campaign.  If you want to find out more about our #T3Campaign, you can find all the information you need on our campaign page including the following: our input into the NHS England guidance for liothyronine […]

Dr. S Myhill’s Books & Videos on Paleo-ketogenic Living

Dr Myhill’s book, “The PK Cookbook – Go Paleo-ketogenic and get the best of both worlds”, is a straightforward nutritional plan combining the health benefits of the Paleo and Ketogenic diets. You can find her book on – Dr Myhill also has some excellent YouTube videos about the PK diet that you might find […]

2019 Annual Report

This year has seen our campaigning work continue in response to the high number of emails and comments on our social media pages from people who have had their liothyronine withdrawn or who have not been allowed a trial of liothyronine. We have been working hard to change NHS policy and to help people regain […]

We are working with RMOC to clarify the guidance they published in November 2018


Thyroid UK and other thyroid groups have been working with RMOC to clarify the guidance they published last November. We all felt that their guidance was not clear enough for CCGs and clinicians in respect of some patients needing T3. We are pleased to say that this updated guidance has been published today.  Although the guidance […]

Article in RMOC newsletter

lealfet, on 27th March 2018. The NHS is the name used for each of the public health services in the UK.

You may be aware that a coalition of thyroid organisations, including the British Thyroid Association (BTA), worked together on a Dossier for the Lord O’Shaughnessy in respect of the harm being done to patients in respect of the NHS England guidance on liothyronine. After the publication of the Dossier, the Regional Medicines Optimisation Committee (South) […]

Lord O’Shaugnessy Dossier

Thyroid UK, along with other thyroid groups including the British Thyroid Association, has worked on a dossier that was requested by the Lord O’Shaughnessy, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health and Social Care. He wanted to see clear evidence that NHS England Guidance was not being followed by CCGs in respect of the prescribing of Liothyronine […]

The Dossier has been sent to Lord O’Shaugnessy

The dossier of evidence requested in the Regret Debate led by Lord Hunt in respect of liothyronine has been worked on for many weeks by Thyroid UK, The Thyroid Trust, Improve Thyroid Treatment Campaign Group, Midlands Thyroid Support Group, British Thyroid Foundation, Thyroid Patient Advocacy and Thyroid Support Group Norfolk and the British Thyroid Association. […]