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Our History

Thyroid UK has grown from one woman who campaigned from her dining room to a national organisation known to be the place to go for information about thyroid disease.

Thyroid UK has always campaigned for people to have the right tests to diagnose thyroid disease and to have a choice of treatment options.

1998 – Due to her own ill health, Lyn Mynott started campaigning with Diana Holmes under the name Thyroid Action Group.  Together, they wrote letters to doctors, MPs and the media to raise awareness of a possible problem with thyroid blood testing.

1999 – Lyn Mynott appeared on BBC Watchdog – Healthcheck.  She was inundated by calls, emails and letters.  This made Lyn realise that this was not just a problem for a small group of people but a huge problem affecting people in every town and city in the UK.

2000 – Lyn Mynott set up a committee and was elected Chair. Meetings were set up to discuss how to raise awareness and change the way patients were diagnosed and treated.

2001 – It was felt that the medical profession and the media did not take the group seriously so the name was changed to Thyroid UK.

2003 – Our first conference was held in London and was a complete success.

2007 – Thyroid UK became a Company Limited by Guarantee.

2008 – Thyroid UK became a Registered Charity.

2009 – Received a grant from Awards for All which enabled the charity to move into a purpose-built office.

2010 – Thyroid UK launched its hugely successful online community in conjunction with HealthUnlocked.

2011 – Our 10th Anniversary Conference.

2014 – Thyroid UK’s first “Call to Action” asking the Government to fund research into T3 and NDT.

2017 – Thyroid UK launched the #T3Campaign.

2018 – Lord O’Shaugnessy Dossier.

2020 – T3 Prescribing Survey.

2022 – The 2022 T3 Prescribing Report.

2023 – Thyroid UK moved into a proper office.



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