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"I want to thank you for taking your time especially since I felt really lost and helpless. I have pretty high B12 levels and taking regularly Vitamin D.

I stopped levo about 9 months ago. I felt the symptoms were worse 1 month ago, but then I decided to cut out sugar or at least consume less sugar since I read a lot about nutrition and my extreme tiredness went away. I still have joint pain, brain fog and I struggle with weight gain, however I try to be optimistic.

I will look into selenium rich foods and try to include them in my diet. Thank you again so much! It meant a lot to me hearing from You."

S Neda

"Just to say a belated thank you very much for getting my Genova test results back to me, and for all your hard work on behalf of thyroid patients, and other hormonally ‘challenged’ people like myself."

J McGuinness

"A note to say thank you for allowing me to book tests through Thyroid UK. Since I was admitted last year to hospital for inverted T-waves due to hyperthyroidism, ordering tests directly has been a huge help for which I am ever grateful."


"Good to know that your work and the issues of thyroid illness and awareness are now attracting attention and financial support. Maybe the NHS will start to raise their awareness too."

Tythrop (HU)

"My very best wishes to you, and hopefully onwards and upwards. If and when it dawns on the medics at last that those who need combination therapy, TUK’s recognition and influence should increase greatly."

Diogenes (HU)

"Congratulations (on the new office)!! Thank you for what you do, it’s fantastic to see it grow 🌱🦋🌱"

Regenallotment (HU)

"Sadly, many thyroid patients do not have good treatment. Hence, patient forums and groups are invaluable. @thyroiduk_org helped me get my life back… probably literally as well as figuratively."


"Thank you so much, This has been extremely helpful as I have been doing so much search on Google without any luck! I have booked with Dr. Conway who has slightly higher prices (£200 per first 30 min appointment instead of £180 as on your document). It has been very helpful and now have got a prescription for Armour. I wish I just contacted Health Unlocked sooner!"


"My sincere apologies for the delayed response. I missed your reply and then was out of town but want to extend my sincere appreciation for the list! I understand the disclaimers and will keep them in mind. And yes, I will certainly make a donation. Thank you again – enjoy the rest of your week!"


"Muchas gracias Linn. You’re the best😌"

A Martinez

"Hi Lyn, That would be great if you could look into it. I think it’s a very good test for people with gut issues and becoming even more relevant as they learn more about our microbiome. Any ideas on how I might know if or when you’re successful? And by the way, thank you so much for all your help with everything thyroid."

J Ward

"Thanks for your support Lyn – you website is amazing……"

A Jennings

"Very best wishes for the move and thank you all for the sterling work you do on our behalf. Hopefully the move won’t be a stressful as moving house."

Fruitandnutcase (HU)

"To have grown and expanded Thyroid UK is a wonderful achievement and to have caused so many people to join together to help each other with support and friendship is something very special.

Best wishes going forward, to you, the staff and to all thyroid patients.

Thank you."

DippyDame (HU)

"How exciting. You must be so happy to see all your hard work grow more and more significant. Where would I be without all the help I have received on this site? Thank you!"

Hennerton (HU)

"Fantastic news (about the office move). Well done and a huge thank you to Lyn and the team."

Muffy (HU)

"I feel a bit tearful when I think where I would be now if I had not found this site and discovered what doctors never tell us but you did."

Hennerton (HU)

"You may never know how many lives you have changed for the better, but us out here do! This forum literally saved my life, and I am sure I am not alone. Thank you so much for all the work you do. Brilliant, all of you!"

Serenfach (HU)

"My doctor is positive about it, and he told me all it does is replace the missing hormone, I’m not too worried now, I feel confident that it’s fine. Thank you for your emails. It’s given me reassurance and clarification. "

C Tunk

"I think it’s working as I hope I just purchased the kettle!!"

Oh my goodness, thank you so much pennyannie 😀
We are very very grateful to you. Thank you 😊

"Ditto the sentiments as without you and this forum I seriously do not know where I and many other forum members would have ended up.
I was thinking of buying the doormat as it somewhat typifies the level of thyroid treatment but thought a cup of tea a more positive outlook.
Thank you for being there."

Pennyannie (HU)

"Congratulations (on the new office) and thank you! Your help has been life saving!"

ljk1 (HU)

"Thanks for all you do, and for helping me know through so many years that I am part of a tribe of pioneering, intelligent and determined people, and not a lone neurotic female troublemaker!"

WildDeer (HU)

"When I first found Thyroid UK on the HealthUnlocked forum in 2004, there were around 5000 of us here. To see it today with over 130k members is both gratifying and sad in a way… but the fact you’ve moved from kitchen table to cabin to proper offices has to be a positive one! Thank you for all you and your staff do, many of us would be drifting (and sinking) all at sea without this forum!"

Zephyrbear (HU)

"Thank you so much Lyn, this information is extremely helpful, I will contact the GP practice and ask for a referral."

V Carlton

"Thank you very much for putting my mind at ease. I will maybe pop by the pharmacy and ask them which brands they use. I appreciate your support very much :0)"

H Pringle

"Thank you for all this information Louise.  Very helpful. I shall be taking out a membership with Thyroid UK as I find it so informative."


"Dear Lyn Thank you so much for replying so quickly and for your advice. I already take a daily selenium supplement and have for the the past 6 months so I think I will order the test.  Thank you so much, as always, for your valued assistance."

S Edgar

"Thank you so much for your support, Lyn.  I really appreciate your help, the fact that you are there to contact at all, which is psychologically so important in showing that I, like so many others, am not alone."

K McKelvey

"Hello there,

I’m emailing after reading the article on spreading awareness and wanted to kindly ask for some posters and information leaflets and anything you have really.

Your magazine and website has changed my hyperthyroid autoimmune life. I’ve gone from being told I need to have a TT hand Historectomy, may go blind to being healthier than anyone I know who has had radioactive treatment or TT all through diet and lifestyle changes.

I have set up a thyroid forum at my workplace (we have 500 employees in total) and have used your information leaflets (I bought the pack) and website info to share with colleagues.

I am hosting an awareness day on the 25th May with the support of a couple of collages and the materials would be fantastic!

I believe in this so much I will also take the materials to my local GP surgeries a day the endocrinology hospital and leave them in their waiting areas with the other materials they have and magazines.

If anyone from your organisation would be willing to hold a short online talk for the event at my work that would be amazing for us – although I appreciate that may not be possible."

J Wass

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