Lyn Mynott, Chief Executive Officer

Lyn runs the office on a full-time basis and answers queries from our members and members of the public, deals with any marketing and PR and checks that Thyroid UK adheres to any guidance in regard to the Charity Commission and the Fundraising Regulator as well as adheres to the legalities of Companies House.

She also runs our campaigns such as the #T3Campaign which she started in order to ensure that patients could access liothyronine .  She is also the editor of our membership magazine, Harmony, and writes most of the articles herself.

Lyn is very interested in building her family tree and loves socialising with her family and friends.

Louise Hickey, Secretary to Chief Executive Officer

Louise works full time and deals with a lot of the queries that come into the office such as requests for our list of Private Doctors and Practitioners, our Support Network List and test results.   She organises most of our social media posts and looks after various databases for us such as our document database, making sure that new versions of our documents are recorded.

In her spare time, Louise enjoys jigsaw puzzles, karaoke, playing scrabble and watching crime documentaries.

Dionne Fulcher, Financial Assistant

Dionne works part-time and is our bookkeeper and deals with anything to do with banking such as our accounts and payments. She deals with the orders that come in and looks after our contact database as well as our membership database which means she keeps a check on new members and renewals.

As well as all her other work she has taken on some admin for our fundraising, checking when fundraising events happen and dealing with the lovely people who take on challenges for us i.e. runs, walks and treks.

In her spare time, Dionne enjoys gardening and decorating.

Margaret Butler, Admin Assistant

Margaret works part time and looks after various databases for us such as our document database, making sure that it’s up to date

She also does any training that is needed in respect of office processes.

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