Our brand


We work together and use our skills and experience to promote better thyroid health through education and information.

We strive to be collaborative and to create better understanding between health professionals and their patients











Our name and logo

Thyroid UK is clear and states our area of interest in health promotion and that it is of national concern.  The butterfly logo represents the shape of the thyroid gland.  It also embraces the idea that going through thyroid problems can lead to a metamorphosis in a person’s relationship to their health.  Our aim is to help people through this metamorphosis to better understanding to lead a full and vibrant life.

Our colour

Purple combines the stability of blue and the energy of red.  Purple is associated with wisdom, dignity, independence, creativity, mystery, and magic.

Our voice and how we communicate

When we talk our tone of voice is consistent – authoritative, determined, positive and calm.  Our website is the shop window for our work and activities.  It helps people to understand the work we do and is there to encourage people to engage with the organisation.

Our social media platforms

We have four main platforms that reach out to people in a way that is comfortable for them:

Using our visual identity

  • Find out about our visual identity and how to use it.
  • Contact us for a template or photo from our library.

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We rely on donations so that we can continue to support and campaign for people with thyroid and related conditions.  If you have found our information helpful, please donate or become a member.