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Better Thyroid Health

The best place to find information about your thyroid

If you are Undiagnosed

Includes endocrine system overview, symptoms of thyroid conditions, and getting a diagnosis.

If you are Hypothyroid

What to expect, testing, treatment options, and managing your underactive thyroid, including Hashimoto’s.

If you are Hyperthyroid

What to expect, testing, treatment options, and managing your overactive thyroid, inc Graves’ and TED.

Having a Baby

This section includes information on fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, and your thyroid.

Related Conditions

This section offers information on thyroid cancer, adrenal conditions and thyroiditis.

Further Reading

Includes research information, articles, and book suggestions about better thyroid health

Our impact for the year 2022/2023


Attended our Webinars to meet with other people and to gain information about thyroid disease


Accessed our Information including our Support Network List and our lists of medication information


Joined our Online Community where they can chat to other people and ask and answer questions

Your donation can help to improve the life of someone else

Making a donation can help us to continue our work to help people with thyroid and related conditions.
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About Thyroid UK

Providing information and resources to promote effective diagnosis and appropriate treatment for people with thyroid disorders in the UK.

Patient stories – read about how members and supporters have been helped by us. Media and PR – we regularly help journalists with information, commentary, guidance and case studies. Contact Us – there are various ways you can contact us. We respond as soon as possible.

Fundraising and Events

From donating to fundraising, becoming a member to helping with a support network, there are many ways you can help us to assist you and the thousands of people with a thyroid condition in the UK to get better thyroid health.

Shop and donate

If you have your own fundraising ideas then we’d love to hear about it

Take part in an event

Ultra challenges, just running, London marathon events, skydiving…

Organise your own event

Why not organise a sponsored silence, a dress down day or a bake sale!

Other fundraising ideas

If you have your own fundraising ideas then we’d love to hear about it

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Private testing for better thyroid health

If you can’t get the tests you want from your clinician, then consider ordering from UK-based private testing companies.

Latest News

Keep up-to-date with all the news from Thyroid UK and the wider thyroid community.

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