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National Academy of Sciences. November 16, 2004

Fernandez, M. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Nov. 16, 2004; vol 101: pp 16363-16368.

We at Thyroid UK have known for some time of a link between MS and thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone is needed for the normal maturation of precursor cells that become myelin-producing cells. Myelin is the insulating sheath around brain neurons and it is the deterioration of the myelin sheath that causes MS.  There is evidence that thyroid function is altered in MS patients.

Now there is a research study that confirms how important thyroid hormone is for the replacement of myelin. Researchers have found that treatment with thyroid hormone enhances the replacement of myelin in rats with a chronic demyelinating disease. Previous to this study, researchers found that thyroid hormone promoted re-myelination during the early phase of the disease.

It seems that the results suggest that thyroid hormone treatment may work as a safe and non-invasive addition to improve the effectiveness of other existing multiple sclerosis treatments.