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Case Studies - Adverse Reaction to Thyroid Medication

sharing storyWe are collecting case studies from people who have become well through taking thyroid medication, and from people who are still suffering symptoms of thyroid disease despite taking thyroid medication.

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I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about 6 years ago after suffering the classic symptoms of weight gain, joint pains and exhaustion.

My health improved dramatically after taking levothyroxine.

However, I had a bad experience with a particular manufacturer of levothyroxine. My prescription stated 'levothyroxine' so I was given different 'makes' by the pharmacist.
I started having severe heart palpitations (so much that I nearly went to casualty) and I felt unwell after moderate exercise.

I changed my prescription to Eltroxin and since then have felt very well, had no more palpitations and go running, cycling and swimming every week without any adverse effects.

I reported my side effects to the Yellow Card scheme and also to the manufacturer of the levothyroxine. As expected the manufacturer said they had had no other reports of severe side effects and stated their levothyroxine met standards.



When I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism my GP prescribed generic Levothyroxine Sodium and carried out tests to stabilise the dosage.

All went well for a while then I found that I was deteriorating. I was totally listless with no energy and I was sleeping in for longer and longer periods.

My husband and I tried to find out what was wrong. We even felt that the Levothyroxine Sodium we were supplied might be fake since it was having no positive effect. We contacted the regulatory body and after a short investigation by them received an assurance that the medicine I was receiving was genuine.

With that avenue closed, my husband looked at the various brands I had been supplied and asked me what had the best effect for me. My answer was "Goldshield Eltroxin" upon which he pointed out that this is the original branded formulation. He had also discovered that different brands of nominally the same strength can have widely different effects. We then decided that, by hook or by crook, we would get Goldshield Eltroxin and found a pharmacist who was happy to supply this against a generic Levothyroxine Sodium prescription.

We did not expect too much benefit from the change in medication but we were rewarded beyond our wildest dreams. Within two weeks of starting on Eltroxin my health had improved considerably and I started living again. I have ensured that I remain on Eltroxin and I have continued to reap the benefits.

In addition a neighbour was complaining of similar symptoms whilst being treated for Hypothyroidism such that she decided to stop taking the tablets and deteriorated further. Her family were concerned about her. On my husband's advice her husband obtained Goldshield Eltroxin for her and she also improved considerably.

Those who have not been in this position may find it difficult to believe this story (sometimes I find it hard to believe myself) but it is all perfectly true. To be fair, ensuring the brand supplied is consistent may be more to the point than obtaining Goldshield Eltroxin.  As for me, I will be sticking to this brand which clearly works for me.

November 2010