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Thanking our 2014 Fundraisers!

SuziSuzi's 5x50 Challenge - Completed!

Total raised £1,681.25 (including gift aid)

From 30 March until 19 May Suzi took part in the 5x50 challenge! The easy part: it's only 5k. The hard part: She had to do it every day...For 50 days.

Suzi kept a blog over the course of her 5x50 challenge, which started on Sunday 30th March 2014.

Suzi writes:

Thank you so, so much to everyone who has sponsored me!

The lovely people at Thyroid UK have asked me to complete a little blurb about the challenge. I suppose this is the point where better people than me would talk about the changes in their fitness, how easy it is to fit in training and other inspirational messages. Not me. I missed wine. For the last part of the challenge I gave up alcohol...how was I meant to reward myself if I couldn't drink after a run?! I also tried to give up sugar. What a mistake. Yes, yes, I felt miiiiiiles better. And yes, running every day, and not drinking and not eating things which are "bad" made me feel good - but man - where is the fun in that!!

Joking aside tho, the challenge wasn't as hard as I had feared and on the last run I beat my target-a 5km in under 30 mins!! Amazing!!

Do read the rest of Suzi's inspiring blog here: suzi5x50.blogspot.co.uk


'Team Backhouse'

Sara & Edward Backhouse 'Team Backhouse'

Completed the Virgin London Marathon 2014

Event date: 13-April-2014 14:00

Thank you so much to Edward and Sara – 'Team Backhouse' for running the London Marathon in aid of Thyroid UK!

Sara completed the course in 4 hours and 7 minutes and Edward was not far behind with a time of 4 hours 33 minutes.

Thank you so much to everyone who sponsored them!
The total is £2,663.87 (including Gift Aid)!





Helen Storer

Completed the Hadrian's Wall Half Marathon on 29th June2014

So far, Helen has raised £342.91 for Thyroid UK - thanks Helen!





Louise, Lisa and Charlotte took part in the Thames Path Challenge!

They have raised a fanatstic £1060.38! Read their report about it here

Event date: 13-September-2014

Louise is PA to Lyn Mynott (Chair/CEO of Thyroid UK). Louise says:

LouiseThis April, I will have been working for ThyroidUK for 10 years! To commemorate this milestone, rather than do then sensible thing and have a party, I have decided to walk for 25km along the Thames Path!

Thyroid UK has come a long way in the last 10 years - from the humble beginnings in Lyn's lounge to having a proper office, more members of staff and a hugely successful online forum and membership!

In order to keep moving forward, raising awareness of thyroid problems and helping people, Thyroid UK needs funds!
With this in mind, would you please sponsor me? Thanks!

Lisa Warvill



Louise has roped big sister Lisa Warvill into also taking part in the 25k Thamespath Challenge!

Lisa says: "My sister is the PA to Lyn Mynott (Chair/CEO) and they have built the charity from nothing to a big, important resource for people with thyroid disease."

Charlotte-bCharlotte Beauclerk will also be taking part in
the Thames Path Challenge

Charlotte says: "I started working as an administrative assistant for Thyroid UK in May 2013. In September I am taking part in my first fundraising event which is the Thamespath challenge for Thyroid UK as I strongly believe in the cause.Please make a donation to raise funds for Thyroid UK to continue raising awareness and helping people with Thyroid Problems. Thank you for your support"




Thames Path Challenge logo100 km, 50 km, or 25 km?
Walk it, Jog It, or Run It?

The Thames Path National Trail is unique; varied & beautiful scenery, steeped in history - and a superb backdrop for an exceptional 'festival' of endurance challenges. Back for its 3rd year - in September 2014 you can take it on as a walk or run, in aid of a charity of your choice.

100 km – Putney Bridge to Henley. A 24 hour Walk or Ultra-Marathon run
50 km – Options to suit all! 2 daytime Walks or Ultra Runs, AND a 'Moonlight' walk!
25 km - Thames Path 25 km. 4 Walk options, 2 Run options - or Jog it!

For more info on the Thames Path Challenge, and to register to take part yourself, go here:

Rachel Smith

Fun RunOn 12th October Rachel and her husband completed the Perkins Great Eastern Run in 1 hour and 3 minutes.

They raised £230.95 including Gift Aid - many thanks Rachel!

Rachel says 'My husband and I had a great day. Looking forward to doing it all again next year.'

About Rachel:

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the age of 21, after giving birth to my daughter. I have struggled with my weight since then, which for me has been tough as I was always very active. I used to run in a running club but at the moment I can't even run for the bus. 16 years down the line and several doctors later, with a lot of support from the Thyroid UK website and online forums, I am starting to get my health back to some kind of normal.



My challenge is to:

Start by walking the Great Eastern Run

Run it the following year

Run the half marathon the following year

All topped off by running the London marathon

As the thyroid is known as the butterfly gland I will do this dressed as a butterfly.

 Perkins Great Eastern Run logo

The Fun Run Route starts and finishes on the Embankment, Peterborough


Fundraising with Alan the Ali Man


ali cansThe lovely Alan Gardner offered to help us with another fundraising drive!

He collects aluminium in his garden, sells it for scrap and then gives Thyroid UK the money!

The idea this time, is that people pay £1 to guess the weight in kilograms of the scrap he has collected.

If someone gets the weight EXACTLY right, then Alan has very kindly offered to give a prize to that person of the same amount!

If no one gets it spot on, Alan has offered to give a prize of 50% of the amount to the person who gets nearest, without going over and 50% to TUK.

Scrap raises £100.
You guess the EXACT weight - Alan will give you £100
You guess nearest, without going over - Alan will give you £50 and TUK £50
Thyroid UK gets the £1 entries and the value of the scrap.

If more than one person guesses right or nearest, they will share the prize money.

Please note that your guess should be in whole kilograms, e.g. 162 kg not 162.2 kg

Alan is estimating 120 - 250 kg.

If anyone would like to get involved with Alan's unique fundraising idea - please do one of the following:

Drop a cheque (payable to Thyroid UK) for £1 (or more if you want multiple guesses) in the post with a note with your name, address, email/phone number and your guess in kilograms to us at
32 Darcy Road, St Osyth, Clacton on Sea, Essex, CO16 8QF

(You can also send £1 coins in the post but Thyroid UK cannot be held responsible if we don't receive them)


Drop me an email with the same details and ALI GUESS in the subject and I will send you a Paypal payment request.

The closing date for guesses is 24th Oct 2014. The winner(s) will be notified during the first week of November.

As usual, a HUGE THANK YOU to Alan for his generosity.

Please have a go and help to raise funds for Thyroid UK!

Katrina is going to lose weight and get fit!

Event date: 2nd June 2014 until 4th March 2015


If it is important to you... Katrina tells us:

On 4.03.2015 I am going to be fit and forty

I am raising money for TUK because In less than 9mnth i will turn 40 and always said i didn't want to be fat and forty after spending most of my time being fat in my thirty's..enough is enough.

Beofre turning 30 my goal was to complete the Great north run and learn to drive which i achieved...for forty it was a Marathon but dont think i will achieve that now so instead i will be fit!

KatrinaIn 2011-2012 i lost 5.5 stone and was the fittest i have ever been in my life training between 5-6 times a week i had the bug. Later on in 2012 in Ocotber i had a car accident which left me with severe whiplash and was unable to do any exercise for a while due to injury and could not run as pounding aggravated it so inevitably lost my mojo...and started comfort eating so weight started to creep on then in Janury 2013 i found a lump in my neck which i just thought was fat so ignored (please do not ignore any suspicious lumps i was very stupid) but then in March a work colleague asked me if i had a lump as by this time it was obvious especially on looking sideways, so went to docs who sent for a scan then a fine needle aspiration which showed i had a lump 2.5 cm in diameter and biopsy histology showed i was high risk for cancer so needed it to be removed so on 1st august had a right side hemithyroidectomy (half thyroid removed) and luckily histology was fine apart from elevated hormone levels everything was clear.

Unfortunately i was still feeling unwell extreme tiredness massive weight gain constant pins and needles in legs and hands amongst other symptoms, was finally diagnosed in Jan 2014 with hypothyroidism and vitamin deficiency and after mnths of taking meds i am feeling the best i felt in a long time.

SO i have joined a gym it wont be easy but i can see a light at the end of the tunnel and realised along they way only you can change your future. There is always someone worse of than others but while your going through it , it can make you blinkered so i am brushing of yesteryear and doing for today.